Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The world of decorating, design, re-design and real estate staging can be daunting. The challenges and the unknowns can either be paralyzing or they can provide more reasons to go for it with everything you've got.

In my journey to develop my own decorating and staging business, my insecurities and fears would at times undermine my courage. Other times, they fueled my determination. Through it all, it was very important to me to find and study the best in their field. I have discovered that one of the signs of a true pro is their willingness to share their knowledge and  enthusiasm in order to help someone, like myself, succeed. I can think of very few other situations where this happens.

The very first person who inspired me is Julie Dana. When I was first looking into whether or not I should pursue my own staging and re-design business, I fortuitously discovered Julie online. I bought her book 'Staging Your Home To Sell" and read it from cover to cover in one sitting. I drank in her website, The Home Stylist , as well as her blog, The Home Stylist Blog. Lo and behold, she was located in the Buffalo, NY area! Buffalo isn't that far from where I was. At that point, I knew it was meant to be. I mustered the nerve to contact her and scheduled an appointment for a Business Consultation.   

Upon meeting Julie, it was obvious I had no reason to be nervous. Her warmth and quiet confidence immediately put me at ease. The hour we spent over lunch flew by in a heart beat. I left our meeting 110% committed to taking the next step towards hanging my own shingle. Julie was able to clearly explain both the mechanics of what it takes to start a business as well as share what it takes from a personal standpoint. Since I tend to operate more from the gut, I truly appreciated her ability to blend the two. Honestly, if all she had presented were the dry nuts and bolts of this business, I know I would have not felt as inspired about my prospects. In my mind, design of any kind, especially concerning our personal spaces, is intrinsically driven by the heart.

Once again, in her generous and supportive fashion, today she has surprised and honored me by promoting my virgin efforts of blogging in her blog. See what I mean? She obviously lives by the motto of "Let's raise the level of the sea so all the ships can sail higher".  Simply put, I respect the heck out of her. It's no surprise she is as successful as she is.

If you are considering your own business in this industry, meeting with Julie is an absolute must. If you are unable to meet with her in person, she also offers online consultations. At the very least - get her book and read it once, read it twice and read it often.

Thanks, Julie!You're the best.

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Julie Dana, The Home Stylist said...

Ohhhh...you are not suppose to make people cry when they read a blog post.

Thank you. You truly made my day - week - heck even month.

inspiration is all around even where we least expect it