Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lights, Camera, ...Blog!

Isn't it fun to drive around at night and look at houses - the way homeowners light up (or not) their entryways and yards? I especially love it when a glimpse can be had (from the road, of course) inside lit windows. It's similar to driving along on the highway and reading an entire billboard in 3.5 seconds. Traveling at an average speed of 35 mph, one can get a pretty good mental snapshot of what's going on, decor-wise, inside people's rooms. Actually, I am digressing. This morning I was inspired by a friend to get busy at an idea I have had of doing a photo essay on this very topic.  Since this project is slated to begin after the holidays, my thoughts were then led to this time of year and how people decorate the outside of their homes. Then, I zeroed in on this even more and my thoughts went to how people decorate their doors for Christmas. Phew. At least I reached some kind of destination! It's been that kind of morning---crazy weather and crazy schedule. Anyway - since I am cloistered indoors today, I went driving around on the information highway instead of on the one outside my own door. There are so many great images out there. It was a challenge, but I edited them to a small selection that I found on a newly discovered blog Neutral Dwelling that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon. In a later post, I will post my own (after I stop thinking about it and roll up my sleeves and do it!).

Okay - now I am inspired and anxious to get busy. I'll keep ya posted!

*All photo credits available by right clicking picture and viewing Properties.


Things That Inspire said...

Oh, I have such a fondness for doors. I am in the beginning stages of designing a new house, and the door on the house is so pretty - inspired by a house in France.

These doors are beautiful! One of my all time favorite door pictures is from Martha Stewart, and it is a beautiful white door with greenery draped around it. Seasonal doors can be quite the focal point.

P.S. - Never really knew about the dusk/evening house stalking until last year when a blog friend told me that this is the best time to check out the interiors of houses!

"Yeah, that works..!" said...

Martha does have good taste, doesn't she? I think I may just know what door you're referring to!

Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad I am not the only dusk/evening house drive-by fan, lol.

Neutral Dwelling said...

I just love seeing all of the outdoor decorations at Christmas time. Thanks for the mention!

Maria Killam said...

Those are some great festive doors!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

great pictures. i especially enjoy the colorful ones. thanks for sharing!

inspiration is all around even where we least expect it