Friday, February 12, 2010

Buddy, Can You Spare The Time?


(psssst..This picture is not about what you probably think it is..keep reading and then click on the link)

Okay. My previous post contained my whining about joining the ranks of the unemployed; now throwing the monthly bills up in the air and paying only those that don't land on the floor. Hey, if I can defy gravity, then surely I can defy the gravity of this situation.


I've decided to document, sort of, what my process will be as I hit the pavement both literally, virtually, mentally, and emotionally. All this while I remain committted to blogging (thank you Rachel from Hue Consulting). I promise to keep it positive. The only whining will be the kind that can be poured and savored. And if by accident there is even the tiniest nugget of inspiration to anyone else out there who may be embarked on the same journey, well, then -Cheers!


My thought process percolates where I jump to my ideal end result then back it out to what it will take to get there. So while I ponder my plan for the big picture, the rumbles and burps of simmering ideas show themselves through the little details that  I can easily take control of the moment they come to mind. Guess it's that cursed instant gratification gene I inherited.  So please bear with me as I include that sort of stuff along with more important topics, concerns and ideas.

For instance, you may have noticed that I have been playing around with my template and colors. In a previous post by one of my blogger/designer idols, Maria Killam, where she shared tips to improve one's home design blog, she herself does not favor dark backgrounds. In fact she runs the other way.

As did many of the people polled by ProBlogger. So why, oh why, did I make the conscious decision to do the exact opposite of what the talented and wise advise? Especially now? I dunno. But after resisting the urge for a long while, I relented to a very simple realization. I like a dark background. A lot. I'll stick with it for awhile. So, Maria - please don't run too far. I get bored easily and it'll soon get changed back again anyway.

Are you wondering what the picture of the scruffy guy in the baseball hat playing violin has to do with all of this? Think Big Picture. Yours. Mine. Theirs. Ours. If nothing else, the title to this post will make sense.

Click the link and you'll see. 

Then, let's talk about it here. I'll bring the wine.


Unknown said...

Well I can relate. my husband has been in and out of a job five times in the past year. It has been a roller coaster. Now I dont know YOUR meaning of the pic with the violin, but I know that I have TEMPTED to pick up an instrument, paint brush, or even a 'will work for food' sign many of times, and sit on the corner for money. And it wouldn't surprise me if that actually brought in enough to pay the bills.

"Yeah, that works..!" said...

Hi AB! - Thanks for your visit and comment. I hope your hubby's situation becomes more stable very soon. It's a tough road, for sure. Actually - the picture up top is of concert violinst and virtuoso Joshua Bell. He was part of a "stunt" where he played in the busy Metro in D.C during morning rush hour. (The night before he played to a sold out audience at $100/seat.) Barely anyone took notice or the time to give him even a quick listen. After a few hours of playing I think he collected $32.17 in coins people tossed into his case. The whole message was about perceived value and how talent is viewed based on the context it is presented in. I thought there were lots of lessons there, a few of which I will be expounding on in future posts.

If readers are able to click on the link and view the video, which is only about 30 seconds long - my blog post will make more and different sense.

inspiration is all around even where we least expect it