Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feels Like Another Lifetime - Kinda

This weekend I am reaching back to my past while making the most of the present and emboldening my future. Barb and Nancy were my 2 best friends in high school. We graduated in 1978. (I can hear all of the high math calculations happening at this very moment).  That June, we each ran out of the starting gates, vowing to NEVER lose touch and to ALWAYS keep one another an integral part of each other's life events. Well, life events unfolded and of course, days turned into months until all of a sudden so many years passed that I figured that that part of my past was to remain just that. So now here we are, about 30 years later. It's almost surreal. So much has changed yet nothing has changed. I look into their faces, their eyes, and I see the same people that helped me put together the pieces of the puzzle called life all those years ago. We all are who we all are because we all 'were'. We all were friends. We all were there for each other no matter what it was for. We all were there for one another in a pure, unadulterated, 100%, non-judgmental spirit. We all cared about one another without pretense or insecurity or a feeling of entitlement. No scorekeeping. No competitions. To put it simply, no games.

Nancy lives in Korea with her hubby. She has 2 children. One just graduated college, her second is in college. Barb lives in NYC and is an at-home mom for her 2 children, 15 and 12 yrs. old. I live in the country of upstate NY with my hubby and 17 yr-old.

Anyway, we've all congregated at Barb's home, which is beautiful. She is an artist. Her life is her studio. Her home is one of her many palettes. She has a great way of creating little vignettes. Since it is autumn, they all incorporate seasonal elements. I took the liberty of taking some pics ....

Thanks, Ladies - for everything! xoxoxo

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