Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look Up

It has become apparant to me that I have blogging ADHD.  Even while working on a new post, the moment something shiny catches my attention - whoooooop-  off I go....

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This morning as I was tapping away on my keyboard, the CBS Sunday Morning show was on in the background. The last story was about the "Our Town" production at Barrow Street Theatre in NYC.  Journalist Mo Rocca did a great job on this piece. In it, he somehow connected with 4 local high school students and brought them to a performance. His M.O. was to illustrate the immense draw that this slow-paced, low-tech production continues to have in this fast-paced tech-savvy culture of ours. After the play was over, Mo sat down with the 4 students whom he (briefly) interviewed. In support of his journalistic query, the students were in fact moved, at times to tears, by Thornton Wilder's simple and timeless message. Two of the students shared what message they each came away with. A young, male student replied "When you get busy in living life everyday, you don't take time to look up at the sky and see how blue it is. When you do look up and see all that blue, then ya know everything's ok." *

Cool ---Shiny!

When he was asked if he was left wanting more; more glitz, more action, more entertainment bang for the buck, his reply was swift and sincere: "The question shouldn't be 'Do you want more?'  it should be 'Are you looking up?".

Now the shine was blinding.


This young man was not identified in any way, shape or form - except for his image and voice totally and completely filling the screen on millions of people's TVs this morning. OMG - who is this kid?  I wanna know.
He just figured out stuff that most adults don't even know that they don't know.

Whoever you are, nameless young male from NYC who was on the CBS Sunday Morning show,  thank you. I hope life is as thoughtful to you as you are to it.

So, that was my shiny-thing-moment for the day. I just had to share it with you.

*(note:  quotes may not be exactly verbatim as I could not find a video of this after the fact)


Maria Killam said...

That's funny :) Look up and see your current header you mean, red, it's a catchy colour that's for sure !

"Yeah, that works..!" said...

You're right! I didn't even make the connection between the new header and the new post title. hmmm..Subliminal? I'm getting restless - need to have more creative control over the template but gotta learn html first, I guess.

Unknown said...

inspiring! my blog is hosted on blogger (too chicken to deal with the headache of trying to transfer 4 years worth of posts over to WP) and i tell you, tweaking the html code can get complicated! but when you figure something out, it feels terrific

"Yeah, that works..!" said...

I really need to focus on learning but I get so impatient! Your encouragement is appreciated.

inspiration is all around even where we least expect it