Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Windows to the Retail Soul

In the era of online shopping, brick and mortar stores are, thankfully, still amongst us. Whether on a real, live, noisy, street with traffic lights, corners and sidewalks, or contained inside a mall,  it is still possible to actually WALK into a retail establishment.

I have a fascination with a store's front window display. A successful one draws me inside whether or not I need to go inside or not. In a perfect world, the promise made by the window is made good on and then some once I'm through the doors. The window should be a tease of things yet to come...and delivered with  merchandising successful enough that draws me to buy something whether I need it or not.  But I digress....

Here are some cool examples of what I'm talking about, in my opinion, anyway.

Figured I'd start out with one of the major players....Bloomingdale's Holiday Window 2008 

Of course, one can not even think about window displays without giving a huge ol' nod to Eddie Ross's big win of the Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge of January 2010. And he's so darn adorable, too. 

Anyway,  let's go window-shopping at some "regular" stores both here in the U.S and abroad....

Who wouldn't check out what's inside at this shop?

Love the mix of modern lines and metallics with the soft, fuzzy fur rug. Somehow, when combined they emote such a calm but hip feeling.  

Nothing fancy at all. But the use of their existing space and placement of the mannequins is quite effective.

Fun, creative, crisp, modern and simple.

Great use of the literal and visual use of lines/planes.

Their use of color and accessories urge my inner party-girl to throw caution to the wind. Yet with the traditional use of symmetry, it feels more sophisticated and upscale so I wouldn't feel guilty for wanting to go inside.

The punch of no color. 

Just a plain mess?  Yeah, but it works!

This totally speaks to my love of vintage and techno combined. And is that a garden gnome??? Perfect.

Genius use of lighting!

Simple and provocative.

A magnificent display of art pieces, which, I imagine, would have been real easy to screw up. 

Wow. I don't know what they're selling.. But I don't really care...

This is a Lego window display in Disneyland for Syndy, Australia  I did not inherit the genetic material to even want to attempt a project like this. So I am in awe. 

This is the front window of a pharmacy in Germany. 
Their creativity in promoting a remedy for an obvious ailment certainly got my attention!

I could go on and on with pics. But how about you out there? Do you have any you'd like to share?

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DesignTies said...

Two of my favourite shop window displays were in Bruges, Belgium. It was Christmas time -- one was a shop window filled with neon-coloured Christmas trees, and the other was a tea/coffee shop with loads of ornaments hung at all different lengths. So pretty and festive :-)

The Lego Sydney Opera House is pretty cool :-) I'm not genetically inclined that way either!!


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